We are classic car and motorbike enthusiasts. We understand the feeling of buying, owning, caring for and using your classic car or motorbike. So, whether competitive racing at Goodwood, living under the stars endurance rallying from Peking to Paris or simply using your classic to motor to the local pub for Sunday lunch, we share your love of your vehicle.

“Car and motorcycle enthusiasts are found the world over. It’s a passion shared by like-minded people across all genders, races and religions.”
Our showroom enables us to share our collection of classic cars and their stories


To most people cars and motorcycles are a necessity. A tool to get you to work or used for the school run. But for many of us, what we drive and how we drive gives us a lot more pleasure than simply using a machine to do a job. 

A vehicle can tell you a lot about a person before you have even met them. A sports car assumes a younger, enthusiastic or competitive driver. A four-wheel drive is for practical outdoor, country living. But these stereotypes do not exist when it comes to us hobbyists. You would not expect to see a 1500cc Harley Davidson ridden by an 80-year-old grandmother, but they are. Likewise, a leather-clad “Hells Angel” would not be expected to ride a Honda C50, but they do! 

The great thing about motoring is you can indulge your individuality and use it to bring enjoyment to yourself and those around you. We have to get from A-to-B so let’s have some fun doing it.

Learning from the past

Restoring, rebuilding and reengineering classics ensures the sustainability of our passion for motor vehicles. Together, we are all becoming increasingly aware and concerned about the impact of our actions on our planet and the motor industry, in particular, is seeing some significant changes.

New forms of power, and new technology, combined with the re-engineering of existing vehicles all present new challenges. But this is an exciting and rewarding time for the motor industry. Indeed, there are many lessons that can be learnt from the past where older engineering used highly innovative methods to achieve success. The UK’s first mass produced car for the people, for example, was Herbert Austin’s wonderful 1920s Austin Seven. Simple, light and frugal, it sold in massive numbers and allowed people to travel independently at very low cost. So, while the world and our industry are moving forward, there is certainly a lot to be said for keeping one hand on the steering wheel of the past.

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